Karjat Resort

JenJon Karjat Holiday Farm is located in the heart of the beautiful landscape of Karjat in the westerly state of Maharashtra.

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Igatpuri Lake Vaitarna

JenJon Lake Vaitarna Resort is located in nature’s paradise Igatpuri, in the westerly state of Maharashtra. Igatpuri is a small bu

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Phansad - Alibaug

Phasand is located in the Murud and Roha Taluka of Raigad district in the Konkan region, with a coverage area of 52-sq-km.

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Nagaon - Alibaug

Nagaon, that is dubbed as “Mini Goa,” is situated 7 km from Alibaug city. Nagaon is a village in Alibaug Taluka in Raigad District

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Lavasa claims to be free India’s first hill city and is located in the striking landscape of the Sahayadri Mountains.

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Only sixteen kms from Mahabaleshwar, is the beautiful hillstation of Panchgani – also called the “Mecca of Maharashtra”.

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With a 105 km coastline embracing many of the finest beaches India can offer, Goa is also known for its churches

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The island of Bali in Indonesia is year after year voted by the readers of all major travel magazines as one of the most enchantin

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From Apartment to banglow, guests book it all





JenJon Holidays have been generating great value-addition to all our Partner Hosts since 2010.
Being a JenJon Holiday Homes homeowner is more than just having guests stay in your second home. You’ll benefit from a complete service — from marketing and selling through to cleaning, management and maintenance. It’s all controlled, safe and secure. And, of course, you’ll be rewarded financially, or through other benefits we extend to our homeowners.
We know your second home is your pride, your joy and almost the most important thing in your life. And that lending it to us, for however short or long a time, is a matter of the utmost trust. Which is why security is front and centre of our thinking.
We’ve developed a battery of processes to make sure that your peace of mind is not disturbed when you’re away. From insurance and key handling, through to checking the identity of guests, meeting them when they arrive at your door, and making sure they obey your house rules, we have everything in place to be proper custodians of your home.
Currently we operate several apartments / villas/ bungalows / farm houses under the brand JenJon Holiday Homes in many Holiday destinations. The confidence that owners have in us is paramount and we value that immensely.
If you are a Property Owner who plans to convert your second home into a Holiday Home, we are here to help you do so. To convert your Property into a Vacation Rental Property you would have to develop and furnish it as per our standards.
The advantages of being part of JenJon Holiday Homes are many: –
Higher returns - Returns on your property are far greater than the average of traditional long-term leasing. By operating as JenJon Holiday Home you would be able to experience complete transparency and professionalism in all the dealings. We invest a lot of time, effort and money in ensuring that your property gets a steady flow of guests.
Excellent property upkeep– Our high standards of maintenance ensure that your Property is always maintained well. We ensure that you will always find your property in mint condition, keeping with our tradition of high standards of hospitality.
An entrepreneur is born– This venture helps you become an Entrepreneur in the growing hospitality market of India.
To help Second Home Owners convert their beautiful property into a revenue generating proposition we could help you with the following services:

  • Identify Architects, Interior Designers and related people.
  • Help in fit-outs of your property. Supervision while the fit-outs are carried out.
  • All on-ground support.
  • Upkeep of the Holiday Homes as per agreed norms.

JenJon Holidays have been operating many Holiday Homes across many cities for years.
We are always adding new properties to our portfolio and are interested in meeting with home owners searching for a higher return on their property. If you have a Farm House, Bungalow, Villa, Cottage or an Apartment in any of the Holiday Destination and are willing to furnish it to a high standard, we can manage your property in accordance with your requirements.
The Independent Holiday Home market provides good returns but also requires a great deal more of your time. That is where JenJon Holidays comes in by providing the full array of Holiday Home Operations.
Traditionally those that bought properties for investment would either sell at a profit or rent it on an annual basis. Presently long-term rental returns are achieving 5-6% yield. The JenJon Holiday Homes option which caters to both corporate and tourists alike, provides a much higher yield whilst home owners can also benefit from the following advantages:-

  • Returns are far greater than the average long-term leasing.
  • Flexibility to get a higher return in a dynamic festival / vacation oriented tourist destination
  • Ability to use it for personal use or friends, as per your convenience.
  • A quality home which is always maintained at a very high standard.
  • India is and will continue to witness very high growth in tourism. The sort of growth bodes well for any investor considering being part of JenJon Holiday Homes

If you decide to keep your property vacant, but would require good housekeeping and upkeep of the same, we can help you achieve it.
Our services include, but are not restricted to:

  • General Housekeeping
  • Regular maintenance
  • Liaising with local city management for services they provide
  • Regular Payment of Utility and other City Service Fees
  • Help in fit-outs and supervision
  • Furnishings
  • Logistics of such facilities



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